BRGR Christmas Gala 2017

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Food, talent and fun await at the 2nd Annual Bridge Group Gala.  Open to anyone in a Bridge Group. Not in a BridgeGroup? Get in one now! It’s not too late.

AWESOME DISPLAY OF TALENT (provided by you:-)

Our entertainment depends on YOU! Do you have an amazing talent (or lack-there-of)  that you want to share? Then get a group of friends together or fly solo. We want to see what you’ve got!


This event celebrates the community Jesus is building at Ironbridge Church. We are involved in one of the most important things we can do while walking the earth and that thing is to create space for ourselves and others to connect with God and others wanting to connect with God. We are learning through experience that connected people grow and disconnected people do not!

Oh, and we are celebrating the One who sought us out and pursued us. The One who initiated a friendship with us while we were yet His enemy! His name is Jesus.

Merry Christmas!

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Event Details

  • December 8
    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm